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Self-confidence comes from knowing what you are made of

Adventure Series Box

An award winning
journey of self-discovery

We all want a better life for our children

We want them to be happy and confident. Self literacy – knowing themselves – gives them a solid foundation from which to make healthier choices, live without fear and achieve the happiness they deserve.

The Know Yourself Adventure Series

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The award-winning Know Yourself Adventure Series is a monthly journey of self-discovery that is as much fun for Mom and Dad as it is for your child.

Dr. Bonyfide Workbook Series

Workbook Series

With fun activities, characters, rhymes, and x-ray glasses, kids can't help having a great time learning about their bodies from the inside out.

Time Skaters Comics Series

Comics Series

Join the Loops Crew as they time-skate through history in search of their mentor Dr. Bonyfide, or dive into Anatomics as Pinky and Dr. B save the world and search for answers. Either way, you’re in for an epic journey of self-discovery!

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