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Adventure Series

New Discoveries Every Month

Give your kids a head start on their journey of self-discovery.

Join the Adventure Series and receive a new collection of hands-on activities, original comic books, and interactive lessons each month.

How It Works



Each digital-free monthly delivery in the adventure series contains a whole new story and lesson that builds as the adventure continues.



Every month is different, but they all include a new Time Skaters comic book and rotating set of activities including science experiments, kid-friendly recipes, tools for discovery, new characters, fun games, and more.



Your kids will look forward to finding out what happens next in the adventure and experiencing the journey again every month!

Why Know Yourself?

know yourself box

For kids growing up in a world filled with digital distractions, endless media messages, stressful expectations, and increasing pressures, the most important knowledge they can have is a clear understanding of themselves. Our products teach kids about their anatomy, physiology, and psychology, because kids who are confident about how their minds and bodies work are better at school, sports, friendships—everything!

loops crew

Knowing yourself makes you better at everything

When kids understand how their bodies and minds work, they are more confident, have higher self-esteem, and are better equipped to handle life’s challenges.

The award-winning Know Yourself Adventure Series is a monthly journey of self-discovery that is as much fun for mom and dad as it will be for your child. From time-travel with Aristotle to science experiments and cooking demonstrations, you and your child will share an experience of discovery to last a lifetime.

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Adventure #1

The Five Senses

Featuring: Aristotle
Destination: Ancient Greece
Year: 350 BC
Story: Fangs of Philosophy
Adventure #2

Skeletal system

Featuring: Alexander Maximov
Destination: St. Petersburg, Russia
Year: 1922
Story: Bone Voyage
Adventure #3

Circulatory system

Featuring: Tianyuan
Destination: China (Zhengzhou)
Year: 1553
Story: The Zen is Mightier than the Sword
Adventure #4

Renal system

Featuring: Queen Sammu-Ramat
Destination: Ancient Assyria/Euphrates
Year: 810 BCE
Story: You've got to be kidney
Adventure #5

Digestive system

Featuring: Tokugawa Ieyasu
Destination: Feudal Japan (Tokyo)
Year: 1611
Story: Hard to Stomach
Adventure #6

Immune system

Featuring: King Arthur
Destination: England
Year: 6th Century
Story: Blights of the Round Table
Adventure #7

Muscle system

Featuring: Jules Leotard, Coralie
Destination: Paris, France
Year: 1859
Story: Fleur-de-Wheee!
Adventure #8

Endocrine system

Featuring: Baseball Players (Jaime)
Destination: Havana, Cuba
Year: 1954
Adventure #9

Respiratory system

Featuring: Muthoni Kiarie
Destination: Nairobi, Kenya / Outer Space
Year: 2251
Adventure #10

Lymphatic system

Featuring: Montezuma II
Destination: Tenochtitlan, Mexico (Lake Texcoco)
Year: 1476
Adventure #11

Nervous system

Destination: Oceanside California
Year: 1942
Adventure #12

Integumentary system

Destination: Oakland, CA
Year: 1960s

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Limited Offer / FREE Shipping

It will teach your children all the names of the bones via rhymes, puzzles and jokes. It will be a perfect addition for a kid who loves anatomy.

Gabriel P. / Rebates Zone

I would say that a six year old with strong reading skills would definitely love it and there are plenty of opportunities for younger children (such as my 4 year old) to join in.

Kylie / How We Montessori

It’s gender neutral, and filled with activities for all interests. I fully support scientific kids’ boxes that help them begin the learning process at an early age, and in a fun way.

Hanaleii / Subaholic

The Know Yourself team did a great job by coupling beautifully crafted visual content with uplifting and engaging storytelling to help kids learn about their bodies from the inside out. If you want your children to achieve self-literacy which helps them gain confidence, this box would be good option.

/ Girl Meets Box

It encourages children to learn about themselves and their bodies in a fun, engaging way. They clearly put a lot of thought and hard work into creating all of the original content, which is a huge plus.

Wendy / 2 Little Rose Buds

One feature that I think totally rocks is that this series appeals to both boys and girls. With both boy and girl characters, story lines are fact-based with fun plays on words throughout the activities. STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and music) activities are gender neutral and attention-grabbing.

Amy Milcic / Busy Boys Brigade

It’s for kids 8-14 and I can tell you that my 8, 10, and 11 year olds, not to mention their in-her-30s mama, found it to be very cool!

Celena / The Traveling Sisterhood

I loved our first box! It came with some great items and was a wonderful all-day Science/History experience. The combination of Science and History was definitely awesome!

Celena / Seller on Educents

I have a son, so that means, lots of outside adventures. He loves to be out there and this box is right up his alley. It has lots of stuff for him to discover his surroundings, a comic book and a map of the world. He loves the magnifying glass, the container of putty and the little bottles that he can gather things and “smell” them.

Missy Tanner / Mom Blog Society

These activities are so much fun and as they say this box really does help your little one get to know them self better! What a great subscription box for children's self awareness!

Asheli / Not a Tree Reviews

This book is a great approach to learning what can be a very difficult and dry subject. It actually presents human physiology in a fun and engaging way. My daughter is learning a lot. For that matter, so am I!

Julie E / Member of Educents

I was blown away with the amount of detail that is covered for teaching about bones. Information is presented in an engaging way that keeps kids (& adults!) coming back for more. My boys are begging me to get Dr. Bonyfide books for our homeschool.

Amy Milcic / Member of Educents

I think that there is just so much for your kid to enjoy and each activity is short enough that they won't lose interest before the task is completed.

Sophia / Professional blogger and Mom.

We learned so much together as we explored the different roles seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting take on in our everyday life

Aimee / A Mom's Take

This is a great new box for kids ages 7-12. It’s the perfect way to teach them about their senses while also learning about world and all the amazing places it has to offer. I’m a huge fan of any subscription box that encourages kids to get out of the house and away from the electronics.

Sarah / A Year Of Boxes
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